Drills for Longsnappers??

Today I worked out with Longsnapper, Chase Paramore, from Providence Christian School as well as Kicker Jeffrey Robinson.  Some people think Longsnapping is as easy as bending over, grabbing a ball, and just throwing it between your legs to the Punter.  It’s not that easy.  You can ask Chase Paramore who has been working hard on his form and other techniques to improve his skill.The picture above shows Chase about 8 yards out snapping towards the goalposts.  A great drill to improve on accuracy is placing 10 balls anywhere from 2 yards out to 15 yards out from the main pole holding the goalposts.  Try your best to get 100% hitting the pole, along with a tight spiral and good speed.  Chase liked this drill because it helped him with his initial alignment and his it helped him focus harder on his target.  There are also drills to help with FG snaps. Yes.  I used the PVC pipe structure used for the players to get water for our FG snap drill.  It worked quite well.  Chase has a tendency to let a snap rise up a hair or to the side.  This straightened him out quite a bit and kept his snaps right on the knee to make it easier on the holder.  Chase is a great snapper and is only going to get better over the years. TJK BLOG


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