Transition from Tee to the Ground

One of the biggest mistakes a Kicker can make is kicking off the ground in high school for extra points and field goals.  Believe me when I say this, college coaches are not impressed with this.

The time to make the transition is directly after your senior season.  Yes, it’s okay to try it here and there in the summer before your senior seasons at competitive camps, but don’t make it a habit to kick off the ground until your HS career is over.  That’s another beast in its own and college coaches expect you to give their team a full advantage by kicking off that 1 or 2 inch FG tee.  There are plenty of kickers that I know played college ball and still kicked with a 2 inch FG tee their senior season in HS, just for the fact that they could kick the ball higher and farther.  To a college coach, they want to see the trajectory and distance on the film.  They understand the two months of transition time to go to the ground and that’s what Dec – July is for before you report to camp in August.

As you can see in the picture above, Lawson Brakefield is in the transition phase.  He just finished his senior season and is looking to play at Navy, Army, or Johns Hopkins. 

One thing that Lawson does really well when transitioning to the ground is planting deep.  This is imperative in the transition process as the deeper you plant, the better your chances of your kicking foot sweeping under the ball while still connecting on the sweet spot.  The pictures below show Lawson kicking through his normal motion and notice the plant foot is deeper than usual and the sweeing motion under the ball.  What a fantastic follow through as well.

All transition players are welcome to attend the TJK Kicking Clinic on January 28, 2012 in Dothan, AL (Houston Academy).  Transition players, including punters and snappers will be grouped with a current college coach to really get the best insight to what is happening now while they are at college.  Make sure to sign up today with Team Jackson Kicking!

Coach Jackson


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