The Mental Psyche

The Mental Psyche of a Specialist.

This is important for every athlete, but even more critical for Kickers, Punters, and Longsnappers in the game of Football.  I hope this message makes an impact on you-I still use this video every once in awhile for motivation with my job and life in general.  I hope you use it, especially before gameday.  Don’t be an ordinary player.  Be the best, and train your mind, because as you all have heard, Kicking, Punting, and Snapping is mostly mental.

Coach Hay and Coach Miller would remember this from camp at Ball State from our former head coach, Coach Hoke, who is currently the head coach at Michigan.  Coach Hoke would bring in a psychologist to camp for a random morning to speak with the team on mental preparation.  Once I saw this video, I changed my whole outlook on kicking and became more relaxed, confident, and clutch.  Check the video out and watch the whole thing through.

After seeing this video it made things way easier than I had thought before.  It’s pretty simple.  As long as you see the field, meaning you see the snap going straight to it’s target and releasing down field to make a tackle, or meaning you see your jab step into the longsnap to lead into your final two steps for a perfect drop and punt that turns over and hangs over 4 seconds and pushes the returner back to his side of the field, or even the holder visualizing the snap coming into your hands and making a quarter turn on the laces, and of course the kicker seeing the whole 3 man process with the snap, hold, and the sweet spot on that ball, then everything else falls right into place.  This may sound weird to you at first, but once you start training your mind to vizualize these things, be confident in them, the easier your job will be.

Feel free to comment on this and let me hear your ‘thoughts’.

Coach Jackson


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