Workout with Kicker Harrison Labanowski

Today I had the pleasure to work with 7th grader, Harrison Labanowski from Providence Christian School in Dothan, AL.  Harrison is an all- around good athlete and is interested in the kicking game.  Today was his first session and definitely improved throughout the 90 minutes.

Harrison is a Kicker/Punter - Class of 2017

I started off the session as I always do with beginners, and that’s the no-step, one-step, and full-step drills for field goals.  We discussed numerous areas such as plant foot location, hips being square, upright body, left arm out for balance, head over shoulder looking down, leg lock, foot on ball contact, leg extension, and ending up in front of the tee.  Sounds like a lot huh??
I always blast a lot of information to guys starting out to really show them how important the kicking game is, and if you really want to excel at this position, you have to know all of the intangibles.  Well Harrison was accepting of this and you could tell he really wanted to learn and get better.  By the end of the session he made a few field goals from 22 yards out with some good height and that end over end rotation.

Great form for his first session

One area that we had to fix right off the bat was his plant foot location.  As you can see in the photo above left, his plant foot is in line with his tee and is about a foot away.  This is crucial in the kicking process for a number of reasons.  Harrison was planting a few inches behind the tee and was causing his kicking foot to come up on the sweet spot and resulted in flubbed kicks off to the left.  Once we fixed that problem, he was getting the kicks we like to see.
Harrison has 4 more sessions in the package deal and I’m looking forward to working with him.  He is also considering coming to the TJK Clinic on Jan. 28, 2012 at Houston Academy.
Coach Jackson

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