Recruiting Videos-TJK’s perspective

There are a number of ways to create recruiting videos for coaches on any level to see.  As we all know, live game footage is crucial, especially the more recent it is.  TJK believes that you really should create a recruiting video package.  This not only includes live game footage, but also video that shows close up film from different angles, along with distances and hangtime.  It’s also important to show specialty kicks like pooch punts, onside kicks, squib kicks, fake snap to the upman, and much more.  Here at TJK we try to help you with your recruiting package.


For example, even though I was in the pro ranks with the AF2 and AFL, I still had the same philosophy.  Here is a film with close up angles for coaches to see my form and technique, plus some speciality kicks in arena ball.

Then I provided my live game footage:

As far as the HS and College ranks it bodes the same strategy.  I will use Stephen Brauchle for example, who is TJK’s Top K/P Prospect for Class of 2012.  TJK created a film for him during a workout that included his live game footage.  See below:

Along with that film, Stephen also sent out his film of live game footage:

This is great because it shows coaches your work ethic, and that you understand how important close up angles are on form and technique, and also your game highlights.

If you are interested in doing a workout with TJK and creating a practice film, don’t hesitate to check out the following link:

TJK Clinic on Jan 28. 2012 –  — Sign up for the PRE rate today at our website!!


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