‘Get to know your TJK Coaches’ – Michael Taylor

TJK BLOG will be starting a bit on our TJK Coaches that will be working the TJK Clinic on January 28, 2012 at Houston Academy in Dothan, AL.  The first coach we will be interviewing is former Troy Kicker, Michael Taylor, who is in his second year working with Team Jackson Kicking.

Michael will be a prospect for the NFL for next season.

Michael is a great guy and is really down to earth.  He is a good teacher of the kicking game and works to make you better.  This is definitely a guy that you want to get to know and ask as many questions as you can.  He just finished a solid career at Troy and has already finished his degree.

TJK Coach Jackson asked Mike some questions for a little insight on his history, as well as some words of wisdom from a veteran guy.  Enjoy!

Coach Jackson – 1. Explain how you ended up at Troy with a D-1 Scholarship?

MT – I chose to play for Troy because of family reasons. I originally committed to the Florida Gators coming out of high school. I chose Troy because my senior year of high school, I was blessed with a baby brother, and Troy was closer to home than UF. Going to Troy has allowed me to still be around him and be apart of his life.

Coach Jackson – 2. When did you get offered from Troy, and did you have any other offers? Just from your experiences, if a player hasn’t been offered by late December, should they be really concerned?

MT – I was offered by Troy during the middle of my senior year of high school. Yes, I had offers from Florida, USF, La Tech, and a couple other schools; both mid-major and small. No a player shouldn’t be concerned. Most kickers I’ve met don’t receive their first offer until they start their senior season of football and continue throughout the season. Kickers aren’t high priority for most college scouts, so they are looked at after coaches scout most of the other positions in Football.

'There's no better feeling than making that game winning kick that helps your team archive a victory. It's an expense that you will never forget.'

Coach Jackson – 3. What do you like most about kicking?

MT – Well honestly I love the pressure it brings. I love when the pressure is on and everyone’s watching. It’s my chance to show everyone what I can do. There’s no better feeling than making that game winning kick that helps your team archive a victory. It’s an expense that you will never forget.

Coach Jackson – 4. What do you look forward to with helping specialists at all of the younger levels?

MT – I look forward to helping them with their technique. Technique is often overlooked at the younger levels. Most coaches just pick the kid with the strongest leg and that’s that. If you learn the fundamentals of kicking at a young age it will only help you grow as a kicker. The leg strength will come later the more you mature and learn to lift weights.

'When one of those opportunities presents itself just have fun and enjoy the moment.'

Coach Jackson – 5. If you could tell a specialist one thing, what would it be?

MT – Kicking is suppose to be fun. As a kicker, you have few opportunities to show what you can do. When one of those opportunities presents itself just have fun and enjoy the moment.

Here is Coach Taylor at our last TJK Camp.

Coach Jackson – 6. Any other comments that you would like to say.

MT – Can’t wait to have some fun at this next TJK event! We have some great coaches attending, I’m looking forward to helping out the campers!

We would like to thank Michael to take the time to answer a few questions leading up to TJK Clinic.  This is the first interview on the bit ‘Get to know your TJK Coaches’ and will follow up with some more with Coach Mike Hay, Coach Ty Long, and more!

Remember to make the PRE payment by Jan. 13. at http://www.teambjackson.com/camp_info_3.html.

TJK BLOG – Coach Jackson


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