‘Get to know your TJK Coaches’ – Ty Long

TJK BLOG is doing a bit on our TJK Coaches that will be working the TJK Clinic on January 28, 2012 at Houston Academy in Dothan, AL.  The next coach we will be interviewing is UAB Kicker, Ty Long, who led the nation in FG’s made (16) for a freshman.  Ty also received Freshman All-American honors.  This will be Ty’s first camp working with TJK, but will be a great asset to help future kickers and punters of America! 

2011 Freshman All-American Kicker

Ty is a respectful young man and is very passionate about his ability.  He will be a great asset for kickers and punters coming out of high school to show guys what it’s like going from high school to college in one year.  This is definitely a guy that you want to get to know and ask as many questions as you can about the transition phase!

Ty Long is from Roswell, GA and played football at Roswell High School.  He had a great career coming out of high school and was rated pretty high on recruiting sites.  A lot of SEC schools wanted him to walk on and come on as a grey shirt.  For those of you that don’t know, a grey shirt is used to designate an incoming freshman who waits until the second semester to enroll rather than the fall. College athletes are allowed a five year calendar to play four seasons. The calendar begins once one is enrolled.


Ty had these options, but when UAB came calling two weeks before signing day, it was an easy decision for Ty Long.
He can perform all thee aspects of kicking, field goals (FG’s), kickoffs (KOFFS), and punting (P).


TJK Coach Jackson asked Ty some questions for a little insight and important words of wisdom from a collegiate athlete!

Coach Jackson – 1. Explain how you ended up at UAB with a D-1 Scholarship?

TL – I got my scholarship because I’ve worked hard my entire life and using the gift from god to the best way I can. It’s about working when other people are not and being relentless and not accepting just being good, it’s about being great.

Coach Jackson – 2. When did you get offered from UAB, and did you have any other offers? Just from your experiences, if a player hasn’t been offered by now, is there still hope to receive an offer from a D-1 school?

TL – Yes there is still hope. I didn’t get my offer from UAB until 2 weeks before signing day and I had an offer from South Alabama along with my grey shirts to multiple SEC schools. Yes there is time, just keep sending film and stay in contact with coaches constantly is very big in getting recruited.

'The best feeling is when the entire crowd is yelling and screaming, and then the kick goes through the uprights and it gets quiet - it's an awesome feeling'

Coach Jackson – 3. What do you like most about the kicking game?

TL – I love all three parts, but probably field goals the most because the best feeling is when the entire crowd is yelling and screaming, and then the kick goes through the uprights and it gets quiet – it’s an awesome feeling.

Coach Jackson – 4. What do you look forward to with helping specialists at the younger levels?

TL – I look at putting a good foundation of fundamentals in place.  At a young age, bodies are not fully developed. So when fundamentals are in place, you not only can get better with practicing muscle memory drills, but as you get older, and over time, strength and leg speed will come.



Coach Jackson – 5. If you could tell a specialist one thing, what would it be?

TL – Have fun! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re out there because you love the game. When you are having fun you won’t stress and everything you’ve practiced your entire life will fall into place.

Coach Jackson – 6. Any other comments that you would like to say.

TL – Enjoy the game and respect it because there were plenty of great specialists before you and myself, so play the game how it should be played and love what you do. There are many people that wish to be out on that field, but aren’t able to, so respect and love the game because you never know when your last play is.

Coach Jackson – Team Jackson Kicking would like to thank TJK Coach, Ty Long, for giving us some great insight on his past and some really good pointers for future specialists.  We look forward to helping all athletes and getting guys looks at the next level, especially starting at the first TJK Clinic on January 28, 2012.  Don’t miss your opportunity to get some solid work in with Ty Long!!

Pay now at http://www.teambjackson.com/camp_info_3.html.

TJK BLOG – Coach Jackson


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