‘Get to know your TJK Coaches’ – Mickey Groody

TJK BLOG is continuing it’s interviews with TJK Coaches that will be working the TJK Clinic on January 28, 2012 at Houston Academy in Dothan, AL.  The next coach is Mickey Groody, who just finished his senior season at Florida Atlantic University and is an NFL prospect for next season.  He is new to our staff and will be coaching Class of 2013 and younger Punters.

Mickey was originally committed to Michigan State, but ended up at Florida Atlantic (FAU) for an awesome career.

Coach Jackson – 1. Explain how you ended up at FAU with a full scholarship?

MG – I was originally commited to Michigan State, then two weeks before signing day the coaching staff I commited to, got fired. The new coaching staff came in and took my scholarship away. After that, FAU Coach Schnellenberger came to my HS and asked me to come on a visit and offered me right away. It was close to home so all my friends and family could watch me play.

Coach Jackson – 2. Did you have any other offers?

MG – Michigan State

'Using my story alone, it was less than a week before signing day and I was offered by FAU.'

Coach Jackson – 3. Just from your experiences, if a player hasn’t been offered by now, is there still hope to receive an offer from a D-1 school?

MG – Using my story alone, it was less than a week before signing day and I was offered by FAU.

Coach Jackson – 4. What do you like most about Punting and Special Teams?

MG – I like most being deep in our own territory and being able to change field position into our favor, giving our defense some momentum heading out there.

Mickey wasn’t ever scared to get his nose in there to make a tackle.

'I feel I played some of my best games against the bigger oppenents we played.'

Coach Jackson – 5. Explain the feeling of getting to play conference games in D-1 ball, then getting to play at big times colleges like Florida, Michigan State, and Auburn? Explain your experience at Auburn, too.

MG – I feel I played some of my best games against the bigger oppenents we played. In HS, I played for St. Thomas Aquinas, and we played in big games all the time. So I was well prepared to handle big games my freshman year. Florida by far was the loudest, the crowds at all the stadiums were insane though. Auburn was a cool expierence because of all that happened the year before with the team winning the national championship.

Coach Jackson – 6. What do you look forward to helping younger punters at the HS level?

MG – I look forward to help younger punters in whatever it is they need help with. I’ve been coached by a lot of great kicking coaches so I hope I can pass on the information I have to all who want to hear it.

Mickey with the New Orleans Bowl Trophy back in '07

Coach Jackson – 7. Anything else you would like to add.

MG – I was just asked to play in The Battle of Florida All Star Game on January 21st.

Coach Jackson – We want to thank Mickey Groody for taking some time to answer a few questions.  We look forward to working with every participant at the clinic and walk away with solid drills and advice to progress in the Kicking Game.

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