‘Get to know your TJK Coaches’ – Cole Chason

TJK BLOG is finishing it’s interviews with TJK Coaches that will be working the TJK Clinic on January 28, 2012 at Houston Academy in Dothan, AL.  This post goes in detail with Coach Cole Chason, who was a 48 game starting Punter at Clemson University.  He is a fantastic staff member and has worked camps with us before.  Coach Chason will be coaching our senior, transition Punters that will be entering college, as well as some good holding techniques on field goals.

Cole Chason was a 48 game starter at Clemson.

 Coach Jackson – 1. How did you end up at Clemson?  Describe your experiences of playing for a major D-1A college and playing in the ACC?

CC – Clemson was the only school that offered me a full scholarship. I loved all the coaches, the town, it was close to my home in Atlanta, and I just had a good feeling about Clemson. Playing D-1 was incredible. The fans at Clemson are as loyal and crazy as they come, so immediately you get the feel that football is a big deal. The crowds we played in front of were insane. The intensity of the work outs, practices, and pressures of the game were vastly different from the small high school I attended. Playing in the ACC was great. It was fun playing schools like FSU, Miami and Virginia Tech.

'The crowds we played in front of were insane.'

 Coach Jackson Did you have other options to play elsewhere?

CC – I did not receive any other offers but was recruited and encouraged to walk on at Michigan, Virginia and UGA.

Cole worked on his drops every chance he had during practice.

Practicing a level drop produces the tight, turnover sprial.
























Coach Jackson – Why is the drop so important in the operation of the Punt? What else are important points in the Punt?

CC – The drop is the most important part of the Punt because a great drop allows you to hit consistently good Punts. Great handle time from catch to drop, consistent drop, short steps, flexibilty, and finishing up and through the ball.

Coach Jackson – What did you like most about being a holder for the FG Kicker? Explain the importance of that job.

Honestly, being a holder was just as fun as punting. You feel like the QB on the field and the glue to the operation. It looks simple but it is important to work with the snapper to get a comfortable distance where the laces will come out. Timing of the kick is stressed so much more in college than in high school. We were constatly working on the get off time of the operation.

'You feel like the QB on the field and the glue to the operation.'

Coach Jackson – What do you look forward to with working our transition senior Punters at the Clinic?

CC – I look forward to just meeting everyone, answering any questions, and helping out any way I can.

Coach Jackson – We want to thank Coach Chason for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions and provide some solid advice to Punters and Holders.  Coach Chason is a great coach and you seniors need to soak up as much information as you can from this guy!

Also, look for TJK Coach, Jeremy Shelley, the CO MVP of the National Championship, as he will be working with Kickers, Class of 2015 and Younger.

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