TJK Shirt Competition

We like to have some fun with upcoming camps and clinics, and this time we really want to see what kind of creativity you specialists have.  After all, it does take some creative powers in order to kick a football in between goalposts with 11 guys on the other side trying to block your kick, or even just get a chance to hit you.  It even is creative to drop a perfect ball to make a nice, tight spiraling punt hit the top of the returner’s head.  And of course those Longsnappers, it’s pretty dang creative to snap a ball in between your legs at a quick speed right on the Punter’s hip, especially if he’s 5’6 like me.

So with that being said, you have to July 4th to post a creative picture of yourself, and it has to include TJK and/or Team Jackson Kicking in the picture.  Make sure to post this picture to your facebook or twitter and add Team Jackson Kicking so it shows up on our wall as well.  TJK Staff will decide the winner on Jul 6th, and that player can choose any ONE clinic or camp in 2012/2013 to attend for FREE.

Facebook:  Team-Jackson Kicking

Twitter:  TeamJacksonKick

Coach Jackson’s Email:

Let the competittion begin 🙂


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One Response to TJK Shirt Competition

  1. DANIEL MACIAS is our winner, Congrats!!

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