Team Jackson Kicking Showcase Camp 2012

An important time in a specialist career is in the midst of recruiting season, especially for current seniors. Coach Jackson and company are back at it again, and will be hosting a fun, competitive 3 hour camp on Saturday, November 10, 2012. The camp is open for all Kickers, Punters, and Longsnappers in high school grades 9 thru 12. It is also open for college players looking to fine tune their technique and perform in a competitive environment. Keep reading below!

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Details of Camp:

DATE: November 10, 2012

TIME: Registration 4-5pm, Camp 5-8pm

WHERE: Saint James School, 6010 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116

WHO: Kickers, Punters, Longsnappers – High School and College Level

PRICE: Early Fee $100 OCT 19, Late Fee $125 by NOV 10

LIMITED SLOTS!trainingandcamps/ckqh

Coach Brian Jackson has developed Team Jackson Kicking into one of the best Kicking Instructing Camps in the Southeast and has even helped specialists get to the next level. Some notable players TJK has worked with are FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo, MS ST kicker Devon Bell, and JUCO standouts, MGCCC longsnapper Tucker Smith, and MGCCC kicker Stephen Brauchle. Stephen Brauchle landed his first scholarship offer from Florida International University, a Division 1A program just last night.
One of the main reasons these players have landed at the next level is by going to various camps and learning from current and former collegiate and professional players. The November 10 Showcase Camp will give kickers, punters, and longsnappers an opportunity to learn from great coaches, learn the proper stretching and drillwork, especially when the season gets colder, and unique, competitive scenarios that will be videotaped of each athlete. TJK will pull clips of each prospect and create a youtube video that will be sent to over 400 college contacts.
TJK Coaches

TJK Staff is comprised of genuine, personable coaches that know the physical and mental details to improve each specialist. The first 30 minutes of the camp, players will have an opportunity to warm up and stetch and concentrate on drill work. Coaches will provide instruction and guidance during this time, as well as encouragement throughout the night. The main segment of the night will provide specialists different scenarios and drills that will be video taped for film. For example, Kickers and Punters will have opportunities to attempt for distance and hangtime on punts and kickoffs. Longsnappers will have the chance to longsnap at 14 yards for accuracy and time, as well as shortsnaps at 7 yards for laces on FGs. Kickers will have scenarios on the upright drill and short angled FGs, as well as a live snap and hold from 4 yards out to test trajectory on the crossbar. Punters will be able to attempt punts inside the 20 and directional punting. ALL VIDEO TAPED.

TJK Coach’s Specialist Award

TJK Dark Horse Specialist

Two awards that will be given at the end of the camp will be the TJK Coach’s Specialist. This award is decided between TJK Staff, and it is based on how that athlete’s attitude and repor was conducted throughout the camp, ability to learn and be coachable and use what was taught into action, and performance.

Another great award that will be given is the TJK Dark Horse Specialist. This player will receive a TJK Bobblehead and basically symbolizes a specialist to look out for in the future. It could be a senior that has never kicked before, and found that perfect niche, or could be a freshman that has blossomed into a great kicker, punter, or longsnapper. We look forward to giving these awards to players, as it’s another opportunity for guys to compete and have an award to put on their resume.

TJK Showcase Champion

The final award will be the TJK Showcase Champion in the field goal competition. Players from all grades 9-12 will have a chance to make it to the final round. Players will have 4 attempts from various distances with a live snap and hold, which will be video taped. There will be arena goal posts worth 2 points, college goal posts worth 1 point, and if a player goes perfect on all 4 attempts, they will get 2 additional points. The top 4 players will make it thru to the final round in which players will get 8 attempts with the same point scale. If at anytime there is a tie, TJK Coaches will select a sudden death spot to break the tie between the players to attempt from. The player that comes out on top with the most points will be crowned TJK Showcase Champion.

We want to remind everyone that is attending to make sure to bring marked footballs and tees, as well as mechanical holders. TJK Staff will make sure that everyone gets their items back at the end of the camp. Friday, October 19, is the last day to pay the early fee of $100, after that the late fee is $125 WITH LIMITED SLOTS. Make sure to secure your spot ASAP, as their will be a cut-off point. Right now there are still slots available, TJK Staff will put on facebook blasts and website updates on remainder of slots. YOU CAN SIGN UP TODAY AT THE TRAINING AND CAMPS TAB ON WWW.TEAMJACKSONKICKING.COM

Thank you,

Team Jackson Kicking


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