TJK Rankings Updated K/P/LS

There have been a lot of great specialists that Team Jackson Kicking has worked with and  we are proud to see the progress of each player. We have worked with over 200 players in the last year and look forward to working with more guys. These rankings have been updated as of November 20, 2012. This blog is just for CLASS OF 2013 for FGS, KOFFS, PUNTS, & LS. The website will be updated with videos next week. Class of 2014 will be on the next blog soon.

The FINAL UPDATED RANKINGS will be finished after the Southern Specialists Camp to be held on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. The TJK Top 10 will then be decided for the Class of 2013. Rankings will not be adjusted until Spring 2013. SIGN UP for the early bird special at or We WILL have a competition at that camp to improve your final ranking.

CLASS OF 2013 Field Goal Rankings

5 star

1. Alex Lindsay (AL)

2. Luke Jackson (FL)

3. Blake Steinwinder (MS)

4. Steven Macias (AL)

5. Brett Beeler (TN)

4 star

6. Izzy Hernandez (GA)

7. Trey Collins (AL)

8. Jeffrey Robinson (AL)

9. Nick Goyette (MS)

10. Matt Alter (AL)

11. Alex Harrison (MS)

3 star

12. Brandon Anderson (AL)

13. Tyler Cook (AL)

14. Courey Hopkins (AL)

15. Alex Sims (MS)

16. Hayden Dean (MS)

17. John Morris (AL)

18. Dale Matheny (MS)


Class of 2013 Kickoff Rankings

5 star

1. Luke Jackson (FL)

2. Steven Macias (AL)

4 star

3. Brett Beeler (TN)

4. Alex Lindsay (AL)

5. Blake Steinwinder (MS)

6. Trey Collins (AL)

7. Joe Smith (AL)

8. Izzy Hernandez (GA)

3 star

9. Tyler Cook (AL)

10. Jeffrey Robinson (AL)

11. Nick Goyette (MS)

12. Matt Alter (AL)

13. Alex Harrison (MS)

14. Courey Hopkins (AL)

2 star

15. Brandon Anderson (AL)

16. Hayden Dean (AL)

17. John Morris (AL)

18. Alex Sims (MS)

19. Dale Matheny (AL)


Class of 2013 Punter Rankings

4 star

1. Blake Steinwinder (MS)

2. Matt Alter (AL)

3. Alex Lindsay (AL)

3 star

4. Joe Smith (AL)

5. Austin Johnson (AL)

6. Izzy Hernandez (GA)

7. Tyler Cook (AL)

8. Trey Collins (AL)

9. Alex Harrison (MS)

10. Nick Goyette (MS)


Class of 2013 Longsnapper Rankings

5 star

1. Devin Clark (AL)

2. Drew Boudreaux (MS)

3. John Parslow (AL)

4 star

4. Devin Holdeman (FL)

Again, you can improve your final ranking at the Southern Specialists Camp on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Camp details can be found at or

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