TJK Rankings Updated K/P/LS Part 2

This is part 2 of the TJK updated rankings which features Class of 2014 specialists. This class is not only loaded in the Southeast, but around the nation as well. There have been a lot of great specialists that Team Jackson Kicking has worked with and we are proud to see the progress of each player. We have worked with over 200 players in the last year and look forward to working with more guys. These rankings have been updated as of November 22, 2012. This blog is just for CLASS OF 2014 for FGS, KOFFS, PUNTS, & LS. The website will be updated with videos next week.

The FINAL UPDATED RANKINGS will be finished after the Southern Specialists Camp to be held on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Rankings will not be adjusted until Spring 2013. The TJK Top 10 will then be decided for the Class of 2013.

SIGN UP for the early bird special at or We WILL have a competition at that camp to improve your final ranking.

CLASS OF 2014 Field Goal Rankings

5 star

1. James Sherman (AL)

2. Bratcher Underwood (AL)

3. Tristan Parsley (FL)

4. Gavin Wilson (GA)

5. Cade Stinnett (AL)

6. Grant Reynolds (FL)

4 star

7. Tyler Newsome (GA)

8. Leo Santos (AL)

9. Zach Shirah (AL)

10. Luke Little (MS)

11. Bailey Jordan (MS)

12. Hunter James (GA)

2 star

13. Brockton Hodgson (AL)

14. Bryant Mosher (FL)


Class of 2014 Kickoff Rankings

5 star

1. James Sherman (AL)

2. Bratcher Underwood (AL)

3. Cade Stinnett (AL)

4. Gavin Wilson (GA)

4 star

5. Tristan Parsley (FL)

6. Tyler Newsome (GA)

7. Grant Reynolds (FL)

8. Luke Little (MS)

9. Leo Santos (AL)

3 star

10. Hunter James (GA)

11. Zach Shirah (AL)

12. Bailey Jordan (MS)

2 star

13. Bryant Mosher (FL)

14. Brockton Hodgson (AL)

Class of 2014 Punter Rankings

5 star

1. Tristan Parsley (FL)

2. Bratcher Underwood (AL)

3. Gavin Wilson (GA)

4 star

4. Cade Stinnett (AL)

5. James Sherman (AL)

6. Zach Shirah (AL)

7. Tyler Newsome (GA)

8. Luke Little (MS)

9. Hunter James (GA)

3 star

10. Leo Santos (AL)

11. Bailey Jordan (MS)

12. Chad Peacock (AL)

Class of 2014 Longsnapper Rankings

4 star

1. Alex Castanza (AL)

2. Evan Border (AL)

3. Chase Paramore (AL)

4. Taylor Lewis (AL)

5. Christian Haley (FL)

6. Jackson Dennis (AL)

Again, you can improve your final ranking at the Southern Specialists Camp on January 12, 2013 in Atlanta, GA. Camp details can be found at or

Team Jackson Kicking


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