Jeremy Shelley shows NFL talent – Kicker

Jeremy Shelley won 3 national championships during his career at University of Alabama and also made Lou Groza semi-finalist twice.  On February 16, 2013, Jeremy worked with Coach Brian Jackson of Team Jackson Kicking in the Alabama indoor facility and showed Coach Jackson why he was instrumental in helping the Tide win those championships.

Jeremy Shelley and Coach Jackson working out on Feb. 16, 2013.

Jeremy Shelley and Coach Jackson working out on Feb. 16, 2013.

The workout consisted of Coach Jackson putting Jeremy through different drills similar to the NFL combine and pro day workouts, and also some charting with brand new NFL ‘K’ balls. ‘For those that don’t know, kicking brand new balls in general is tough as it is, but kicking brand new NFL balls, is on another level,’ Coach Jackson said. ‘A lot of college kickers get used to kicking footballs like Nike and Adidas a few days before the game, whereas in the NFL and AFL, the balls come right out of the box the day of the game. There is some prep time that the team’s equipment managers have to brush down the ball, but even that is monitored by officials and on a time limit. Among other things, going from a Nike ball to a brand new NFL ball can take 5 to 7 yards off your kick initially.’

New NFL balls used during the workout.

New NFL balls used during the workout.

Jeremy was using new NFL balls in this workout and showed why he can play at the next level making 50 yard attempts in the video. ‘We all know that Jeremy Shelley is consistent and as accurate as they come. He really impressed me with his long range attempts. They have the same ball flight, rotation, and trajectory whether a 50 or 30 yard attempt. He is definitely worth taking a look at in an NFL camp,’ Jackson said.

Workout Video with Jeremy Shelley:

Jeremy Shelley will have the chance to show NFL scouts his talent at Alabama’s pro day March 13.

If you want to know more about Team Jackson Kicking and Coach Jackson’s camps, check out his website at

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