Scott Secor – Next Ball State Kicker is ready to make his mark

Scott Secor has been the kickoff specialist for Ball State University the past two seasons and has been waiting patiently for his chance to show his added skill-set of placekicking on field goals. The upcoming junior showed very well during his workout with Coach Brian Jackson of Team Jackson Kicking during a two-day workout in Louisiana.

Scott Secor - BSU

Scott Secor – Setting up for a kickoff

Coach Jackson put Scott through different variations of charting and some informal competitions with other college specialists. Scott impressed Coach Jackson a lot. ‘Scott is very mentally sound and a hard-working individual,’ Coach Jackson said. ‘He has very quick leg speed and Scott was able to fix some minor tweaks by syncing his hips with his quick leg speed. This prevents an open hip and pushing the ball to the right.’

Next BSU Kicker - Scott Secor

Next BSU Kicker – Scott Secor

‘As long as he keeps his leg speed controlled and brings his right hip through the ball, he will be deadly accurate and powerful on his field goals in his final two seasons,’ Coach Jackson said. ‘He hit a handful of 50+ field goals during the two-day workout.

If you are interested in working with Coach Jackson of Team Jackson Kicking don’t hesitate to email him at

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