Road to TJK Pre Season All American Teams | Southern Invitational Showcase July 15 | Montgomery, AL

Coach Jackson of Team Jackson Kicking and his staff will be selecting the first ever TJK Pre-Season All-American Teams for High School eligible Kickers, Punters and Snappers from the High School level. The Southern Invitational Showcase #SIS to be held on July 15 in Montgomery, AL will play a huge factor in TJK staff’s decision-making on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Pre-Season All-American Teams for Kickers, Punters and Snappers.

Team Jackson has invited numerous Kickers, Punters and Snappers to the first annual Southern Invitational Showcase #SIS that will be held July 15, at Huntingdon College Stadium in Montgomery, AL. During this camp specialists from the Classes of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in field goals, kickoffs, punts and snaps in various charting sessions, competitions and live game situations. The camp is strictly exposure driven with the intent to have campers showcase their potential in a variety of opportunities.

Huntingdon College Stadium

Huntingdon College Stadium

Coach Jackson is programming a unique factor into the camp where Specialists invited can wear their High School Jersey and workout gear to represent not only their last name, but their high school, city and state. There will also be a professional videographer on site in which will help with showcasing those that separated themselves from others at camp. For those that still want to sign up it’s $75 and you need to email Coach Jackson at for consideration.

Snapper Competition

Snapper Competition

There will be various competitions throughout the 4 hour camp just like the picture above displays. Snappers will have the chance to showcase their accuracy and speed with all eyes on. Timing will play a huge factor during camp as well.

Kickoffs show true distance.

Kickoffs show true distance.

Kickers and Punters that will separate themselves will need to be hitting Kickoffs that match up well with distance to equal a score of 100. For example, if a Kicker hits a 65 yard kick off, and a 3.7 hang time, that gives them a score of 102 which is a solid score. For Punters, a 47 yard punt and a 4.3 hang time is also a solid score equaling out to an 90. Snappers will need to average around .72 to .78 snaps at 14 yards which is expected at the college level during a punt.

Timing is essential in the kicking game.

Timing is essential in the kicking game.

During the camp will have live snaps for field goals and punts for ALL SPECIALISTS! This will show TJK staff when the pressure is on the line, which athletes will separate themselves from the pack and show out. This will be good training for Kickers, Punters and Snappers as it will get them prepared for Pre-Season and live game situations. A lot of the live situations will be filmed and players will have a chance to make videos where they really excelled whether it being a perfect short snap at 7 yards, a kickoff with a 4.3 hang time that landed 70 yards, a 50 yard field goal, or even a team game-winning field goal from 30 yards with everyone huddled around the group.

Live Field Goals with Snap

Live Field Goals with Snap

A video displaying some last man standing competitions with a final round of field goals with a live snap and hold is below. We hope to see you at the Southern Invitational Showcase. Those interested in attending, make sure to email Coach Jackson at for consideration.

Coach Jackson

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