Colorado Buffaloes add Long Snapper Wyatt Tucker Smith to its list of verbal commitments

Wyatt “Tucker” Smith is the next Colorado Buffalo added to the list of verbal commitments and will be a much needed prospect in the Long Snapper position. Tucker stands 6’3 and is 235 lbs. He is built like your prototypical NFL snapper. He can snap very efficiently, accurately and gets down the field to cover. He will be coming from a stand out program – Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), one of the top community college football programs in the Southeast. He will have two years of eligibility on the field at Colorado.

See below his video of him snapping in the .65 to .72 range, which in the Special Teams world is fast!

Here is Tucker on his official visit with Colorado the weekend of Nov 22-23, 2013.

Tucker Smith on his visit at Colorado

Tucker Smith on his visit at Colorado

Tucker also helps mentor and coach long snappers at Team Jackson Kicking camps and started working with Coach Brian Jackson over 2 years ago. See his very first video training lesson with Coach Jackson before he went to MGCCC. You can see how much he has grown and has improved over the last couple years. Colorado is getting a fantastic long snapper for the 2014 class.

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