Dec 7 TJK Nike Alabama Camp Recap

Team Jackson Kicking held a winter camp on December 7 in Tuscaloosa, AL with four states represented (AL, MS, FL, TN). There were 25 specialists (Kicker, Punter, Snapper) that attended the camp ranging from ages 12-20. ***Camp Video Highlights can be seen below***



There was unbelievable talent at this camp considering the temperature ranged from 35-43 degrees and a swirling 10-15 mph wind. Kickers had to kick against the wind on field goals and showed perseverance in cold temps. Some Class of 2014 notables can be seen below:

Class of 2014 K/P showed very well at this camp.

Class of 2014 K/P showed very well at this camp.

Reed James (’14 MS) was the Overall Champion of the camp winning outright on field goals and punts. Reed has a couple offers from junior college programs in Mississippi. He is D1 worthy and showed very good composure all day. Chandler Stafford (’14 TN) has fantastic trajectory along with distance on field goals and also is in the 3.9 – 4.1 hang range on kickoffs. Tristan Parsley (’14 FL) also competed very well out of the 2014 class showing consistency in all 3 phases. All 3 guys are D1 potential and needs to be on Coach’s boards now.

View DEC 7 Highlight Video HERE.

The Long Snapper division had 3 Class of 2014 guys that are college level. All 3 have offers from D1AA schools and below. See below:

Dec 7 Camp 2014 LS

Dec 7 Camp 2014 LS

Jacob Allen (’14 AL) picked up his first academic offer from D2 Miles College after camp and I am not surprised. The senior had 14 yards snaps from .68 to .74 in cold temps. Christian Haley (’14 FL) has multiple offers from D1AA and below and is a bright spot in the class. He has a good physique and can run down field efficiently. He has quick speed on his snaps and just needs to show some more consistency during cold weather. Daniel Everhart (’14 AL) has an NAIA offer and is a dark horse in the class. He stands 6’3 and can cover down field as well. Daniel is a consistent snapper in the mid 7’s.

Some younger Specialists that showed well can be seen below:

Upcoming Specialists

Upcoming Specialists

Other notables that had a great camp:

Dec 7 Camp Other K P LS

Dec 7 Camp Other K P LS

View DEC 7 Highlight Video HERE.

The next TJK Camp will be in GEORGIA – FEB 16, 2014.


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