Team Jackson Kicking to join Michael Husted’s National Camp Series (NCS) Network

20 August 2014

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Highly Recognized Specialist Coach for Kickers, Punters and Snappers across the nation.

Highly Recognized Specialist Coach for Kickers, Punters and Snappers across the nation.

I am excited to announce that Team Jackson Kicking is officially teaming up with Retired 9 year NFL Veteran Kicker, Michael Husted’s National Camp Series network. For those that aren’t aware of Coach Michael Husted and what NCS is about, you are in for a treat. Please read below and check out the video of the KIX Rating System that allows everyone across the nation to be ranked on a level playing field, objectively. This means it is not one person or a subjective viewpoint on how you are ranked. This is one of the many reasons why NCS is top of the line with evidence and history to back it up. (Michael Husted pictured below)

(NCS Website)

The National Camp Series (NCS) is a nationwide network of expert kicking coaches with NFL and College level playing experience. Our goal is to provide effective instruction on the field and guidance off of the field that will allow student-athletes the ability to leverage their sport to get a college education.



The National Camp Series was developed by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful NFL career, Michael determined that there needed to be a more cohesive, analytical, and effective process to coach, evaluate, and guide student-athletes looking to play at the next level.

The National Camp series offers kickers, punters and long snappers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in four separate divisions based on your graduation year.

  1. College (Seniors, College Transfers, Junior College and College Eligible)
  2. Varsity (Juniors)
  3. Jr. Varsity (10th grade)
  4. Freshman (9th grade and below)
  5. Middle School (8th grade and younger)

Another exciting perk about attending NCS camps is receiving a player profile that you can improvise yourself, as well as add a profile through as well as add your videos from hudl and youtube! Check out this example of a player profile that has attended NCS camps. Click here.

Our platform offers specialists multiple events to help them:

  1. See how they stack up against others across the country
  2. Demonstrate to colleges their ability to play at the next level
  3. Learn how to perform under pressure

(Team Jackson Kicking)

NCS: What are your thoughts on the KIX System? What is your feeling about objective rankings versus subjective rankings?

Brian Jackson: Since starting Team Jackson Kicking in 2009, I developed my TJK rankings and found over time, it is very hard to be ‘objective’ when having subjective rankings. As TJK has grown with over 100 specialists each year, for each class, college coaches have contacted me wanting to know my top 10 prospects from respective classes. Therefore, I created TJK rankings to help college coaches. Since following NCS and what Michael has developed with the KIX system, it is evident that players are being treated fairly across the board at their respective grade levels. This was a huge factor for me to join NCS and give specialists across the nation a fair chance to be rated. I am extremely excited to give all of the specialists that have trained with TJK, and future ones to come, several opportunities to attend NCS camps quarterly, and be ranked with the top Specialists in the nation.

NCS: Why did you join the National Camp Series and why do you feel it is valuable?

Brian Jackson: I have known Michael Husted since 2007 and attended his free agent camps twice, which both were extremely organized and provided the platform for me to develop at the professional level. Michael has a fantastic reputation. He is a knowledgeable special teams coach, and just an overall good person. Michael has really developed NCS to being the premiere division of quality kicking, punting and snapping coaches across the country and I am very excited to be aboard. I feel I can bring a plethra of knowledge as well as kicking/snapping students to the NCS so they are being evaluated and ranked properly. The National Camp Series provides specialists an open door to very credible Specialty Coaches across the country so they can network and learn several tools to improve and grow. I also would love to have the Southeast specialists that attend TJK trainings and camp compete at the national level in Arizona at the SUPER CAMP!!

Coach Jackson

Now what can players expect from Coach Jackson and Team Jackson Kicking going forward?

Brian Jackson – Nothing really has changed other than the rankings. I want to make sure after running TJK Training Sessions, TJK Camps and quarterly Divisional NCS Camps, that each student has an equal opportunity to be properly rated and ranked on a grand scale. I will still be operating as usual, if not more frequently, provided high quality film for exposure, technique analysis, competitive fun camps and invitationals and more! I am excited for the future and excited for all the Specialists attending future camps. Come ready to learn, with a great mindset, and ready to improve and compete!

Highly Recognized Specialist Coach for Kickers, Punters and Snappers across the nation.

Highly Recognized Specialist Coach for Kickers, Punters and Snappers across the nation.

Team Jackson Kicking Instagram & Twitter

Team Jackson Kicking Follow on Facebook


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